Richard Hallows

I’m a Lead UX Developer & Designer specialising in accessibility, design systems and CSS for product teams, start-ups and creative agencies.

Barnardo’s Design System

Screenshot of the colour guidance page of the Barnardo's Design System

I co-created the . It’s a set of principles, guidance and examples to help designers and developers create accessible digital products for Barnardo’s, the UK’s largest children’s charity.

I paired with another UX Designer for the duration of the project. We presented at the DSL conference about this collaboration and some of the innovations in our approach.

We built the design system website using Gatsby, a static site generator powered by React and Webpack.


Screenshot of a stylelint documentation page

I co-created , an open-source CSS linter that flags problematic code using more than 170 built-in rules. It extracts embedded styles from HTML, Markdown and CSS-in-JS, as well as parsing CSS-like syntaxes, including SCSS and Less.

We built it for Node.js using PostCSS. It has over fifteen thousand unit tests using Jest and extensive documentation. Companies worldwide use it, including GitHub and Facebook.

Inside Abbey Road

Screenshot of the Inside Abbey Road website showing Studio One

I implemented the CSS architecture and frontend build system for the Inside Abbey Road website experience using PostCSS, SUIT CSS and gulp at Stink Digital for Google Creative Lab.

I led the HTML and CSS development for the editorial content within the experience.

Webby Award Winner & FWA Site of the Month.

Geox Amphibiox

Screenshot of the Amphibiox Home Page

I developed the responsive Geox’s Amphibiox website using stylus at Stink Digital for SMFB. I used progressive enhancement for the interactive videos to ensure that content was available to all browsers and devices.

Cannes CyberLions & FWA Site of the Day.